Some of our residential houses are designed to provide specialised support for adults with complex disabilities and/or unexpected behaviour. We employ dedicated, specially-trained staff who are absolutely committed to promoting positive outcomes for all of our residents.

In some settings, the people we support will have their own room, with shared communal areas, such as lounges, kitchens, and gardens that give them a safe space to interact with their peers and members of the staffing team.

The people we support will be encouraged to take care of themselves and their belongings while receiving the necessary support, attention and one-to-one time from our staff teams of therapeutic and support workers. This encourages all of our residents to live their best possible lives, learning how to cope with daily chores and routines and helping to foster the necessary life skills that will help them to live as independently as they can throughout their lives. Our accommodation varies from en-suite bedrooms to studio flats and self-contained houses for those who are able to be on their own.