Andrew, one of the people we support in Moray recently challenged Ashley Aitken, the Housing Support Service Manager, to a badminton competition. Ashley tells us more:

“It all started when I was visiting Quebec for a routine service visit and Andrew came back from a trip with his mum. During a conversation about things that Andrew enjoyed, it came out that he used to play badminton with his mum when he was younger and was quite good. We spoke about how I was the school champion as a child and that’s when Andrew’s competitiveness came out! He said he’d like to play badminton against me, and that he would definitely beat me. I said there was no chance because I wouldn’t let him win! And he was laughing! The challenge was definitely on!”

“A couple weeks later, Andrew came into the office and spoke to a couple of managers telling them he was going to beat me at badminton and even talked through his tactics with them! 

As soon as I came out my meeting we went and booked the court at the local sports centre."

"The following week, myself and Andrew played three games. Andrew won the first game, I won the second and then the decider ended with me hitting the net, and Andrew won! 2-1."

“The loser (me!) had to buy the cokes afterwards! Andrew really enjoyed it, and let’s just say he hasn’t let me forget his victory! Riding high, he is now looking for a local badminton club to join.”

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