Peter has been supported by Cornerstone since 2019 and was originally living on the ninth floor of a high-rise flat. After lockdown, when restrictions eased and people were starting to get out and about a bit more, the lift in Peter’s building unfortunately broke and he was unable to leave his flat to try and resume some of the things he used to love doing—like going to the pub twice a week.

Despite numerous calls from his team, the lift continued to be out of service for months. This was obviously a huge problem for Peter and not being able to go outside negatively impacted his mental health. As soon as he voiced that he wanted a new home his support team, and social worker helped him complete an application form.

Just two months later, in September 2022, to Peter’s delight, he received a letter saying he had a new house.

As Peter couldn’t view the property, a member of his support team visited it on his behalf, taking lots of videos to show Peter who thought it was the perfect house for him.

The support team wanted to get Peter into the house as quickly as possible so everyone pitched in, building Ikea furniture and putting carpets down. Members of his support team would also go to the house during the day to let workmen in, all so everything was perfect for when Peter arrived

. After a quick two-week turnaround the day of the move arrived, and as the lift was still out of commission, the team had to carry Peter’s things down the stairs. Prior to moving day the team also underwent training to be able to use a specialist piece of equipment that would help Peter leave the building for the last time.

Since moving to his new home Peter has been able to do and see so much. He’s tried swimming for the first time in years, visited the cinema, gone back to his favourite pub, and has been really enjoying himself.

Peter’s goal for a number of years has been to go on holiday abroad and in May he’s being supported to go to Turkey which he is absolutely ecstatic about.

Now living in a much more accessible area Peter is able to explore his hometown and attend nearby events. While out one day Peter even met an old school friend who he hadn’t seen in years. His friend came to visit his new house and they played a few games of chess together. Then, next time the friend visited he brought another old school friend and they all had a great time reuniting.

The new house has had a hugely positive change on Peter and given him lots of new opportunities. Peter shared, “This new house is the best, magic. I can see my car parked outside, wave to staff on the way past, look out the window, and get out and about when I want to.”

Huge thanks to Service Lead Amy and Peter’s support team, Alison, Iona, Pamela, Linda, Angela, Stacey and From top: Peter and his friends; Peter’s new home. Claire for making all of this possible.

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