Just before lockdown in 2020, Sarah, a person we support from our Moray branch, visited her local office and expressed how much she would love to work there one day. Sarah’s team discussed this with the branch leader who agreed that this would be an excellent goal for Sarah to help build her social skills as well as work-related skills such as typing.

When a vacancy became available, the branch leader set up an interview with Sarah and asked questions like “why would you like the job?” Sarah had some questions too, such as “what kind of things would I do?” and “will I get a cuppa tea?!”

Later that day Sarah got a call to say she had been successful at her interview. Claire, lead practitioner, explained her reaction. “Sarah was ‘absolutely over the moon’ and she could not wait to call everyone that evening to let them know the good news.”

Unfortunately, lockdown began shortly afterwards and Sarah, like many of us, started her job working from home.

Claire noted what it was like for Sarah starting a new job working from home. “Sarah was so patient during lockdown, she always asked when she would be able to work in the office to work but continued doing all her jobs at home with enthusiasm.”

Then, at the end of February this year, the service lead allowed Sarah to come into the office to work. Claire and the rest of her support team wanted to surprise her with this news so asked her to pop into the office where they let her know she would be starting at the office the following week. “Sarah was so happy – in fact, ecstatic – that she was dancing around the office.” (You can see Sarah's reaction here)

Delighted, Sarah went to buy herself some new “office” outfits for her start date in March.

Claire explained a typical day for Sarah in the office, “She helps the office administrator with any jobs, she does stationary stock checks, waters the plants, laminates and shreds, but her favourite job is before she leaves for the day when she asks everyone if they would like a cuppa.”

“The office team have given feedback that she is an absolute joy to have in the office and a great help.”

Sarah is paid monthly and is currently saving up her money so she can go on a nice holiday.

We wish Sarah the best of luck as she continues doing an excellent job!

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