Scottish Youth Link values young people’s contribution to society and strives to support young people to achieve their full potential. Last year the Scottish Youth Link provided Cornerstone’s North Lanarkshire branch with £5,000 and our Borders branch with £4,000. From spa days to visits to the science centre, the funds from Scottish Youth Link allowed us to provide many of the 10-24 year olds we support with a range of opportunities that they have missed out on during lockdown and otherwise would have difficulty accessing.

As part of the funding we were able to take Scott and Ben on a funweekend staying in a caravan in Craig Tara. They enjoyed going to Heads of Ayr farm park where they got to meet and learn about lots of different animals. Ben’s favourite part was clapping and feeding the horses, and Scott’s favourite animals of the day were the monkeys. The assortment of animals allowed Scott to practise his photography, taking lots of photos of all the cool things around the park.

The boys were also able to experience their first ever ferry trip. They sailed to the Isle of Arran and were eating lunch on the island when they spotted dolphins in the water. On the island the boys got to skip stones and see the ruins of Lochranza Castle. Ben loved walking out to the water on his way back to the ferry.

Claire, Scott’s care manager was able to provide some feedback, “Scott really enjoyed it and his parents appreciated the break. His mum said she felt relaxed as she was confident that Scott would be well looked after. Liam and Erin’s hard work is very much appreciated and has made a huge difference.”

 What an adventure!

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