Zoe Clarke recently joined the recruitment team as a Recruitment Administrator after five years of working as a Support Practitioner for Cornerstone.

Zoe commented on what drew her to the post:

"It’s something I’ve always been interested in. It’s a different way of helping people. Helping get people in and comfortable with their new role."

Her previous experience working as a Support Practitioner means Zoe can provide a lot of insight into the role for new candidates:

"With new candidates coming through I can tell them that I’ve done their job before and there are going to be times that are difficult but it’s so rewarding. You do need to be the right person to do it—be in it for the right reasons and not just because you might think it's an easy job to do.

You always want to make sure the people you support are living their best lives. Taking someone to the shops may seem minor to you but that person’s been able to go out and see people and do something they love with someone they feel comfortable with—that’s a huge thing for them.

I could never properly leave care but I’m enjoying bringing other people into that aspect of it. Meeting the candidates and thinking—you’ll be brilliant and our team will be lucky to have you.“

Zoe explained her favourite part of being a Recruitment Administrator is getting to meet all the candidates and follow them on their journey through the process:

"I always let them know that if there’s anything at all that you’ve got my number, my email address, there are no silly questions. I’m here to help.

Anytime I let our line managers know that someone is ready to join the team I get a little “yes” feeling! I know I’m bringing in another person who is going to be able to make a massive difference to the people we support."

Zoe is also enjoying her new role because of how welcoming her
team has been:

"I’ve only been in the job about a month but it feels like I’ve always been a part of the recruitment team. They’ve always been great and are so supportive. Starting a new job can be quite scary but I’m enjoying it and am so glad I went for this role. I can progress from here too—I can move forward and branch out."

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