Stuart and Deborah stand smiling at the camera in white T-shirts. There is a beautiful blue sky behind them.Deborah and Stuart are both Support Practitioners in Bessie Dunlop Court in Dalry, Ayrshire. Together they support around fifteen people in the housing support service, providing individualised packages of care to individuals with additional support needs . Recently Deborah and Stuart shared their experience of care as part of our Cornerstone film. For both Deborah and Stuart, the people they support are a huge factor in how much they enjoy their jobs. 

Deborah commented, “The people we support are just fantastic. Every single day they are challenging themselves to do something different.” 

Stuart added, “It makes our job very rewarding – just to make their day a little bit better – sends us home happy and we just hope it gives them a happy day too.” 

Being a Support Practitioner has many enjoyable parts. .. Deborah explained her favourite part is assisting the people we support to achieve their goals.

“One of the people I support had some goals which we’ve recently fulfilled so we’ve now set new goals. One goal was for them to go to the cinema and go shopping. It was really rewarding seeing the person we support out doing what she wanted to do. If I wasn’t there she might not have been able to do it.” 

Stuart also described the achievements of the people he supports being one of the best parts of his role. “The best part of the job for me is making sure the people we support have had a great day and achieved something they wanted to achieve at the start of the day. Whether that’s going shopping or an activity they enjoy, like bowling. As long as they’ve had a good day and achieved something at the end of it.” 

Every day at Bessie Dunlop Court is different, but Stuart tells us what life is like in the service. “It’s a good surrounding, the people we support have all got their own space and can come into the courtyard to socialise. They are not too far from bus stops and town centre if they want to go out and do something.” 

To anyone considering applying for a job in care Deborah gave this advice: “Do it, absolutely do it. It’s such a rewarding job I can’t even describe how rewarding it is. It’s opened my eyes to so many things – everybody is so appreciative of everything we do for them. Once I was off for a week and when I came back one of the people I support said “Hi, I missed you.” It just brightens your whole day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a rubbish morning at home you come in here and it’s just brilliant. I can’t describe it. Cornerstone’s a great place to work. I’ve met lovely people.”  

Stuart added:

“It is a great place. I've worked in care for six years now. When I started here you could feel the strong morale. The managers appreciate what you are doing. It’s a such a positive environment to be in.” 
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