In the summer of 2021, Lindsey from our Aberdeen South branch, challenged herself to walk 11,000 metres with her frame - more than the height of Mount Everest! 

The walking challenge was her mum, Moira's suggestion. Moira was inspired by Captain Tom's fundraising campaign during lockdown - to walk one hundred lengths of his garden with a walking frame. She thought it would be a great way to keep Lindsey motivated and to help Cornerstone's Crudenlea service in Aberdeen.

Lindsey already used her walker but like many of us during lockdown was struggling to motivate herself. The fundraising challenge helped keep Lindsey motivated and walk a bit every day.  

To calculate how far Lindsey walked, the support team measured the length of the long hallway in her house. There was no specific target in mind, their goal was simply to calculate how far Lindsey walked over a month. Different staff members would walk with her and give her lots of encouragement. 

Originally the goal was to raise £250 but that was soon thought to be too low so it was changed to £1000. Lindsey managed to smash both these totals, raising £2,000 - double her goal!  Naturally, Lindsey was over the moon.

“I felt great because I raised money for us (her housemates) to do stuff. I was proud of myself."

Walking that much every day also inspired Lindsey to try and do more walking challenges in the future. 

Lindsey's family and her support team were naturally incredibly proud of her. Moira explained the impact of Lindsey's achievement.

"The whole experience was beneficial to Lindsey as it encouraged her to use her walker every day. It also gave her a chance to help other people, whilst also being the recipient of kindness and generosity from others; it was heart-warming. We both were delighted by the response and good wishes from friends, family and strangers. 

In recognition of her massive achievement, Lindsey was named a winner of the Mary Williamson Awards and awarded a £250 prize. Lindsey wanted to use this money to give her ten housemates something to look forward to after a hard year in lockdown.  

In December Lindsey spent the money on taking her housemates out for dinner and going to see the Christmas panto in Aberdeen. Now that restrictions are easing Lindsey's support staff are hoping to plan another house day out. Lindsey would love to have a girls night out and do more fun activities with her housemates. 

If you would be interested in raising funds for Cornerstone you can find some ideas here.