Isobel has been settling into a lovely new home recently with the support of her dedicated Cornerstone team. Previously she had been living in an unsafe environment where it was difficult for her basic needs to be met. Cooking, bathing, washing dishes and storing her belongings safely was incredibly difficult for her.

Isobel sits grinning on a lovely multi-coloured, patterned couch. She is holding a stuffed rabbit that is dressed in a purple raincoat and holding a little microphone. Behind Isobel is a bookcase full of pictures, CDs and DVDs.

After some discussions Isobel agreed that it was time for her to find a new home. Ideally, she wanted a ground-floor flat with a walk-in
shower and a garden full of flowers. Isobel gets up to lots of activities so it was important for her to also be near the church she helps out at, the charity shop she volunteers in, her weekly Karaoke and her bingo hall. Access to her bank and a local Tesco was also vital.

Cornerstone managed to find Isobel a home with all of this and more. Isobel enjoyed spending time picking out the best colour scheme and carpets which are all now in place.

Her staff team have worked hard to help her get all set up and in February she finally moved in.

The new home allows Isobel to be more sociable and invite friends to sit comfortably and share a cuppa together.

Isobel’s smile and confidence proves what a great move this has been for her. She is so delighted to be in her new home that she has been singing in the shower! Isobel loves listening to music and now has the room to dance around, living in an environment that makes her happy and healthy.

Service Lead, Andrew Will added, “Isobel is the loveliest, kindest woman I know. When out with her you can’t walk 50 yards without  someone saying hello and asking how she is. Every time she meets someone she is telling them how happy she is to have her new home.”

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