Albert found himself to be a bit of a local celebrity recently after a video we shared on social media reached over 20,000 people! A massive Clint Easwood fan, Albert was surprised by his support team at Fairfield and Simon at SYKE Graffiti with a larger-than-life mural on his bedroom wall.

Albert has lived at Fairfield since 2011 and has all of Clint Eastwood’s DVDs and books. He has pictures and canvases of the actor all over his flat and also dresses up at Clint Eastwood for Hallowe’en every year! His favourite film is A Fistful of Dollars and the character ‘The man with no name.’

One of the team who helped to organise the heart-warming surprise was Laura Maliff, Support Practitioner.

“Albert loves Clint Eastwood and when I was helping him to organise having his flat decorated, he asked if we could get some Clint Eastwood wallpaper. After much hunting we could not find a wallpaper supplier, but the painter suggested getting a mural done! I thought it was a great idea so contacted a member of staff who knew a local wall artist at Syke Graffiti Art. They came out to do a secret visit and confirmed they would be able to do a painting for Albert. So we went ahead, and kept it a surprise, which he absolutely loved! Albert’s support team are delighted with the end result too—it is so nice to see him so happy.”

Upon seeing the painting, Albert was jumping for joy! He said, “I don’t ken aboot it! I can’t believe it! Have you seen this!?”

It seems like Clint and Albert’s Cornerstone support team really did make his day!

Click here to see the video capturing Albert’s reaction.

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