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Blair joined Cornerstone in January 2021 and currently works as a support worker in Bessie Dunlop Court. He grew up in Kilmarnock and worked in Glasgow for twenty years before moving to Dalry in Ayrshire.

Before he worked in social care Blair spent twenty years working in office jobs in Glasgow. He was employed in various roles, but most were for facilities departments with finance companies.  

After being made redundant due to Covid and through a personal desire to try something less structured, Blair started job searching. Looking for a change from the office jobs he was used to, Blair wanted something a little different. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do growing up and always stayed in my comfort zone. Now I’m trying to change my outlook.” 

Unlike his previous jobs, Blair is finding that working as a support worker, no two days are the same. “Every day you work for different people with different needs and different interests. It’s always about what’s best for the people we support and sometimes I’ll work with people with interests I don’t know much about. It’s good to go and learn about new things so when I come back in I have a knowledge of the interests they have and go from there.” 

Blair currently helps support 15 individuals but usually only works with three people each day. He has built strong, positive relationships with them and supports them to live their best lives and have the best days they possibly can.

“It’s amazing to see the reaction you get from people. On my first day I took somebody just for a walk to the shops. When we came back the person said ‘thank you very much Blair, I’ve had the best day ever.’ I’m not the most sentimental person but it was one of those moments you think – WOW!”    

Seeing the people he supports happy means a lot to Blair. “It’s like instant feedback when you see their smile and know you are making a difference.”  

Blair would encourage anyone considering a job in care to apply. “Simply do it, it’s all about gaining life skills, gaining confidence. There is a lot of personal development which has helped me and in turn, help me help the people we support. The person I was when I started this job in March is different to the person I am now and the person I will be in March next year or the year after.” 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in social care you can find more information here.