Cornerstone was delighted to take part in Scottish Learning Disability Week, hosted by the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD), running from the 2nd – 8th May 2022. 

Scottish Learning Disability Week gave us a chance for us to focus attention on the lives of people with learning disabilities in Scotland. It was a chance to raise awareness of issues and inequalities, as well as achievements and talents. The week matters because there are over 100,000 people in Scotland who have learning disabilities, and raising awareness provides a real chance to change attitudes, making Scotland a better, fairer and more equal place for everyone.  

This year there was a particular focus on the human rights of people with learning disabilities in Scotland. 

It is also an important time for human rights in Scotland; last year saw the Scottish Government commit to the incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) as part of a Human Rights Bill for Scotland. This means that disabled people’s human rights will be enshrined by Scottish law for the first time. We are living in an exciting time in Scotland, as we understand how human rights apply to the everyday lives of the people we support and explore what we need to do to make those human rights ‘real’ and make sense of them in our everyday lives. 

As always, SCLD ran themed events every day throughout Scottish Learning Disability Week. Here’s how we got involved:  

Monday - What are human rights? 

We started the week aiming to help raise awareness of the importance of recognising and realising the human rights of people with learning disabilities. 

Tuesday - My right to employment and education 

We showcased the story of Sarah, a person we support from our Moray branch who was successful in her application to become a Junior Admin Assistant in the Moray office. You can read about Sarah’s story here. 

We also highlighted the story of AJ, a person who we support from North Lanarkshire’s Community Support service, who despite the pressures of the pandemic and online learning has made incredible progress in his college course. Read more about AJ's Story here. 

Wednesday - Making rights real  

We celebrated our colleagues who continually go above and beyond to help others understand and respect the rights of the people we support. Read more about Anna Ewart, one of our Scottish Borders colleagues, on our Facebook page.   

Thursday - My rights to housing and communities.  

We shared the story of three people we support who celebrated their 20th year of staying in Cornerstone’s Fairfield Road service. You can read more about the celebration here. 

Friday -  My rights to health and wellbeing 

We highlighted the efforts of support worker Lisa Johnstone who is devoted to making exercising fun and less intimidating for everyone,

including the people she supports. You can read more about Lisa’s story and her journey to run the Edinburgh half-marathon here.  

Saturday – My right to party  

We shared photos from North Lanarkshire’s Easter event. It was their first event that was open to the public since COVID, and everyone had a fantastic time. 

And we also showcased Cornerstone’s recently restarted monthly disco in Aberdeen and the importance of social events for the people we support. Read more about the Disco here! 

Sunday  - My right to rest 

We shared the story of Kirsten’s first-ever holiday and the importance of rest and relaxation for the people we support. You can read more about Kirsten's story here.